Barbara Thompson Piano Studio

Piano Lessons for School-Aged Students

My goal is to provide an atmosphere for learning the necessary techniques and skills to successfully play the piano.  The instruction will include a wide variety of repertoire, theory, sight-reading, aural training, duet playing, and performance opportunities.   My hope is that music will become an integral part of the student’s life.  I teach using encouragement and patience so that each student will achieve his/her best potential. 

There are many advantages to studying piano music beyond playing lovely or exciting music to enrich our creative, artistic, and spiritual attributes.

Music develops attention span, concentration levels, and organizational skills.
Studying music enhances memory, eye-hand coordination, visual and aural senses, and goal setting.
Music study helps to build perseverance and self-esteem.
Studying music for four years or more has helped high school students score higher on the ACT and SAT tests.
Playing music uses both sides of the brain simultaneously and is stimulating to the development of the brain.

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